Storyboards and layouts

here's some storyboards and layout that I did, all of them were after stories and scenarios I wrote as part of different group projects.
Kippik- the hedgehog who just wants to make friends :)

The straight Line- 
Its basically about a guy who cant make straight lines, no matter how hard he tries. This one was a challenge because of its minimalist atmosphere, and also because we only had 3 months to create the short.  
Here's the final 3d layout of the story.

Popping Time- 
The first group project I did. We were given a theme- "What time is it?"
It gave me the idea of a sundial in the desert that gives a shadow which disappears at noon... after that the heroes became pop corns and the sundial became a dried corn cob and the story kinda flowed on its own...

this is the first version of our storyboard
and this is pretty much the last one

some studies for the color script

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