Saturday, December 6, 2014

2D Animation test

Wanted to test out 2D animation tools in after affects, so I created this little concept of an elephant dragon hitting muffins with his...umm... mucus.  ^__^ 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Cell Shading exercise

A Pixie I made for the digital painting course i'm taking these days @ AIC in Tel Aviv, on the topic of cell shading and contour... 

Monday, February 24, 2014


saw Lana del Rey's video for her song DRIVE, and spent an evening listening to her album, and this is what came up...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mad Birds - Terry Poison Interactive Hand Made Video Clip

A video clip in development with the talented group, Terry Poison.
 Its going to be an interactive video, so You could play during the song itself.
The first part in the link is the live shooting of the band, also they did a maquette of the props they wanted to have on the clip (the disco city) and designed their outfits.
The second Part of the video You can see the 3D version of the game,which I modeled, textured and Animated during my internship at Dreamcatcher Studio. The models are going to be programmed with Unity later on.

Santa Sketch

weekend life drawing

ppl on airplanes, or the bus, or just in a picnic

I love it when ppl have this pose of tension when their on a bus, when they are waiting to get where they need to go, and worrying where they should get off....

 That girl was drawing on a very cool Tablet, she was like eight or nine, and I was jealous so I drew her :)

Picnic in Bois de Vincennes


I had some time on my hands 'cause I was doing my "Milou'ime", So I did that.... 

Lovely Phillipa

A sketch of my friend Phillipa Bywater, from one of her Instagram pics

Testing my brand new BROWN sketchbook

Fooling around with aquarelles

last days in Paris

So I packed my bags and went back home, after 5 amazing years in Paris, before I left I had to visit my favorite places in the city, and I took my sketch book with me... les dérniers croquis de Paris *snif snif

including views from the isles, musée de Rodin & le Jardin des Plantes